Where to Sell Computer Monitors – The Best Options

If you’re looking to sell computer monitors, there are various avenues available to maximize your selling potential. Online marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist offer a wide reach to potential buyers with different preferences and budgets. These platforms allow you to list your monitors for sale and connect with interested individuals locally or globally.

In addition to online marketplaces, consider selling computer monitors through electronic or technology-focused retail stores. Approach local electronics stores or chain retailers to inquire about their purchasing and consignment options. Establishing partnerships with these stores can help you reach customers who prefer to see and test the monitors in person before making a purchase.

Selling your old computer monitor can be a great way to make some extra cash while decluttering your space. But with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to decide where to sell. In this article, we will explore the top platforms and marketplaces where you can sell your computer monitors hassle-free and get the best value for your used devices.

1. eBay

eBay is one of the most popular online marketplaces where you can sell almost anything, including computer monitors. With a massive user base and global reach, it provides excellent visibility for your listings. To create a successful listing, make sure to include detailed descriptions, clear images, and competitive pricing to attract potential buyers.

2. Amazon

Amazon is another leading online marketplace where you can sell computer monitors. With its extensive reach and trusted reputation, it offers a great platform to sell your used devices. Amazon provides various selling options, such as selling directly to customers or utilizing their trade-in program. Ensure your listing is accurate, and you promptly respond to customer inquiries to maintain a positive seller rating.

3. Craigslist

If you prefer selling locally and avoiding shipping hassles, Craigslist is an excellent option. It allows you to list your computer monitor for sale in your local area. Be sure to include high-quality images, a detailed description, and contact information for interested buyers. However, exercise caution when meeting potential buyers in person and choose safe locations for transactions.

4. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace has gained significant popularity as a platform for buying and selling various items, including computer monitors. With a large user base, it offers the advantage of finding local buyers and facilitating easy communication through the Facebook Messenger platform. Take advantage of targeted ads and engaging descriptions to increase the visibility of your listing.

5. Best Buy Trade-In Program

If you’re looking to upgrade your computer monitor and want to trade in your old device, consider the Best Buy Trade-In Program. This program allows you to sell your used device to Best Buy in exchange for a Best Buy gift card. Simply visit their website, provide information about your monitor, and receive an estimated value. If you accept the offer, follow the instructions to complete the trade-in process.

6. Gazelle

Gazelle is a reputable online platform that specializes in buying used electronics, including computer monitors. They offer a simple and straightforward process where you can get an instant quote for your device. If you accept the offer, Gazelle provides a prepaid shipping label for you to send your monitor. Once they receive and verify the item’s condition, you’ll receive payment via check, PayPal, or Amazon gift card.

7. Swappa

Swappa is a dedicated marketplace for buying and selling used tech devices. It ensures a safe and secure transaction by requiring sellers to verify their listings and buyers to undergo a verification process. To list your computer monitor on Swappa, you need to provide accurate information, upload clear pictures, and choose a competitive price. You can communicate with potential buyers through the platform to negotiate and finalize the sale.

8. Newegg

Newegg is a popular online retailer specializing in electronics. They offer a marketplace platform where individuals can sell their used computer monitors. To start selling on Newegg, you need to create an account, provide detailed product information, set a competitive price, and manage your own listings. Take advantage of Newegg’s extensive customer base to reach potential buyers interested in purchasing computer monitors.

9. Local Electronics Stores

Check with local electronics stores in your area, such as Best Buy or independent retailers, to see if they buy used computer monitors. Some stores may offer trade-in programs or direct purchases. By selling to a local store, you can avoid shipping fees, and the transaction can be completed quickly, often offering immediate payment. Remember to call ahead and inquire about their process and requirements.

10. Trade-In Websites

Several websites specialize in electronic trade-ins, such as Gadget Salvation or BuyBackWorld. These platforms provide an easy and convenient way to sell your used computer monitor. You typically need to provide information about your device’s condition, and the website will offer you a price quote. If you accept the offer, they will provide a prepaid shipping label for you to send your monitor, and you will receive payment once the device is received and verified.

Selling your computer monitor doesn’t have to be a complicated process. By utilizing the various online marketplaces, trade-in programs, and local stores mentioned above, you can find the best option that suits your needs. Remember to thoroughly research each platform, compare prices, and follow the recommended guidelines for creating attractive listings. Good luck with your selling journey!

When looking to sell computer monitors, it is important to consider online platforms such as eBay, Amazon, or Craigslist, as well as local electronic stores or tech buyback programs. By exploring multiple avenues for selling, you can maximize your chances of finding the right buyer and receiving a fair price for your computer monitor.

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